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There are many tips and tricks that go with freelancing and declaring your taxes. A tax advisor Red Deer can help you figure out tips to maximize your earnings and minimize your expenses when it comes to tax consultation. One important tip that many self-employed professionals seem to miss is that if you regularly and exclusively work from home, then you can certainly write off a portion of your home on a couple of different everyday bill expenses that your home incurs in. For example, depending on the percentage of the area of your home that is being used as your primary place of business, you can write off a portion of your real estate taxes, rent, and/or utilities!

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Cawston & Associates is a family-run business of educated individuals who are experienced in taxation and bankruptcy situations. Check out their website Calgary Tax Consultants to see how they can help solve your financial problems. An expert can assist those with financial and debt-related issues whether they are large or small. To see where they are located, click Tax Consultants Calgary.

Often issues related to tax debt can drive people and businesses into bankruptcy. Listen to Roy Copithorn’s story of how Cawston & Associates helped him out of his tax debt and issues.

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Getting out of tax debt can be very difficult. Taxes are accumulated as a part of gross earnings and if we do not remit the taxes owed (because they were spent) then to pay those owed taxes from future revenue means the tax has to be paid from net earnings as that money earned will also be taxed.

This model of tax repayment falls apart when we owe tax debt from high-income years and have to pay those taxes in future years that has a lower income to draw from.

Increasing an income “just because we have to” is not easy. It may take a second job or a low-cost business idea to create a second revenue stream. Listen to Trevor Cawston explain solutions to extreme debt problems.


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